AirLogger lets you record tracklogs with your phone. 

Get Started in Four Easy Steps

Add Aircraft

Add your aircraft so you can link them to flightlogs.


You can lock the screen to save power and use other apps while recording.


Trim/split tracklog and add the information you want.


Export unsigned .kml files to iCloud Drive or directly to

Made for Recreational Air Sports

Includes categories for:

  • Speedrider
  • Paraglider
  • Hang Glider
  • Powered Paraglider
  • Powered Hang Glider
  • Sailplane
  • Kite

with Dual/Tandem option for each

Powerfull Editing Features

After competing a flight, you can add the information you want to accompany the tracklog.


Edit Tracklog

Trim and split tracklogs into multiple flights.

Select your Aircraft

Track which aircraft you used for each flight.

Add Photos

Take photo directly or add from library.

Describe Flight

Make a note of what you did and what you can imporve.


Exports can be automoated after each flight, or done manually.

iCloud Drive

Export .kml files to your local file-system or iCloud Drive, where they sync automatically to your computer.


Export tracklogs, including images and all directly to at the click of a button.

Note that .kml files are not signed and cannot be used in competitions or open distance leagues.  

Additional Features


.kml import


iCloud sync


iPhone and iPad


You can allways view, edit and export your flights without limitation.



  • Record up to 10 flights

Monthly Subscription

NOK 8 / mo

  • Record unlimited flights

Yearly Subscription

NOK 79 / year

  • Record unlimited flights

Now, go out there and get some great flights!

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